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We realize you are looking for an affordable, uncontested divorce, we can help you. We are not attorneys, however, we are expert legal document preparers with many years of experience in filing your uncontested divorce action from beginning to end.

You can look forward to:

  • No Surprises–with an upfront quoted flat Rate
  • Personal Service
  • We will prepare and file all required documents
  • In-House Notary Services
  • Soonest possible Final Judgment

It is our desire to do everything needed to complete your court filing requirements as  quickly and painless as possible. From our initial interview, to filing the initial court documents, presenting options and assisting you in making decisions on your case, including support, division of finances as well as debt and property, custody and visitation. In addition, we will complete and notarize all legal documentation, including your Marital Settlement Agreement, Final Judgment and file everything with the court for you. We know how important your time is, so we are extremely efficient. It is our good communication with our clients that have them refer us to others. We are proud to say that close to 30% of our business is referral based. That says a lot for our business! We will respond promptly to your inquires and questions, including providing updates on  the status of your case. Ultimately, our responsibility is to assist our clients through this legal process.

Divorce Services Package

This is our list of services that come with the divorce services package:

  • Case Management
  • Completing and Filing all Initial Court Documents
  • Legal Separation Documents (if needed)
  • Meetings and Document Signing Sessions
  • Required Notary Services
  • Draft and Completed Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Possible Mediation (if needed)
  • Completing and Filing all Judgment Documents
  • More…



The Petitioner( the person who files the first divorce or legal separation forms with the Court) fills out and files with the Court Clerk at least a Petition. Next, these documents need to be Served on the other party, Called the Respondent. This has to be done by an adult. The Respondent has 30 days to respond or object to the issues of the divorce. This too must be filed with the Court. If the Respondent agrees with the original petition they do NOT need to respond. This is known as a Default or Uncontested Divorce. The Petitioner has 60 days to disclose all financial information to the other party. If the Respondent is filing a response, they too must disclose all Financial information to the other party. Finally, to finish the divorce, you must file the Judgment Packet.

The earliest you can be divorced is six (6) months and a day from the time the Respondent is Served. Legal separation and Annulments have no waiting period. Although, you are not legally divorced or legally separated until the Court enters a Judgment in your case. Throughout the whole process you must keep the other party informed on any changes to financial or contact information.

In your divorce all issues need to be addressed, such as, Spousal support, Child support, Child custody/Visitation, Retirement plans, Separate and Community Property and Debts. This can be done with good planning and communication.

Since no-fault divorces were introduced in California it has become much easier for anyone to get a divorce. No spouse has to prove that the other spouse did something wrong in the divorce. When couples file for divorce they only need to cite “Irreconcilable Differences” as grounds for divorce.

California is a community property state. This means that during the process of dividing a couple’s property debts and assets, all shared property will be equally or equitably divided between the spouses regardless of fault. California’s community property laws dictate that all property be categorized as either community property or separate property and that both parties have equal rights to the community property. Although the divorce is still considered to be a no fault divorce, California may consider one party’s dishonest actions in dividing community property. While the community property will be divided equitably, the court may impose sanctions on the dishonest party, requiring that spouse to pay other party.







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